Cwali Games launches Roll to the Top on Kickstarter

November 30, 2017 - 3:35am

Cwali games has launched a crowdfunding campaign to produce the dice rolling Roll to the Top game. The campaign has received 6,600 Euro in support of the 10,000 Euro needed to create the game with 243 backers on board. The campaign ends December 17th at 2pm MST and has an estimated ship date of April 2018. Simple to Learn The goal of the game is straightforward: Fill in all the squares on your Challenge sheet. The challenge sheet is comprised of small boxes that climb vertically. Players roll 5 dice and fill in the boxes from the bottom to the top, with each new number needing to be higher or equal to the number below it. When choosing number from the dice players can select a number from one die, or select the sum from two or more dice. A selection game similar to the award winning Qwixx, all players can use the rolled dice to fill in their own challenge sheet at the same time. Players have a pool of various dice to choose from, and each time a player rolls they can add or remove a die to better their odds of hitting particular numbers. What's in the Box? Kickstarter stretch goals may add additional content, but base content in the box will include:
  • 5 different Challenge pads
  • 25 Burj Khalifa sheets
  • 25 Pyramid sheets
  • 25 Eiffel Tower sheets
  • 25 Matterhorn sheets
  • 25 Tree sheets
  • 5 dice: D4 / D6 / D8 / D12 / D20
  • 1 other die with 2x ' + ', 2x ' - ', 1x ' +/- ' and 1x exchange sign
Sold Out! Both Powerships and Habitats by Cwali games have been sold out in stores but will be available in limited numbers through this crowdfunding campaign at certain pledge levels.