Cartooner comic drawing game hits Kickstarter

November 30, 2017 - 3:03am

Cartooner, a competitive comic drawing game, has hit Kickstarter. In Cartooner 1-8 players will be playing to compete to decide who can be the most famous illustrator. The Kickstarter is 20% of the way to completion with 55 backers having contributed over $5,000. The kickstarter deadline is December 18th at 8:37 AM MST with an estimated ship date of July 2018. In the game players compete by drawing to earn the most Fame points over four rounds. Adaptability will matter more than artistic ability, where the best artist might not actually win. When drawing players need to represent both a theme and a trend, one card of which is used each round. The theme deck provides specific ideas and plot devices: Desire to Save the World, Haunted Houses, Mutants, and more. The trend card represents general comic tropes including Shared Universe, Crossover, Reboot, Origin Story, Disasters, and Destiny. Integrate both card ideas together to earn the most fame points. The game includes a solo mode, or get your friends (aged 12+) together for a comic challenge. This quick game plays in just 4 rounds of 5 minutes each. The base game will include:
  • 64 pre-printed Comic Pages
  • 136 Theme Cards
  • 52 illustrated Trend Cards
  • 200 Fame Tokens
  • The rulebook
How to Play Players will start by drawing 3 theme cards to determine the content of the comic. The five minute timer is then started, providing 5 minutes to pull the comic together. Points are then scored using three rules:
  • Players receive 1 Fame point for each Theme expressed in a way the other players can recognize.
  • Players receive 2 Fame for drawing something in every available Panel.
  • Players receive 2 more Fame by using three or fewer Word Balloons on the page to convey their ideas.
Rounds two through four introduce an Trend Cards, popular comic trends that will come and go as you play the game. At the end of the game the player with the most fame tokens wins, though everyone gets to keep their permanent comic.