Ninja Division releasing Dance of the Fireflies

November 24, 2017 - 9:44pm
Ninja Division will be releasing Dance of the Fireflies, a new 2-6 player card game from designer Oliver Brooks and artists Amber Grundy and Victoria C. Hackett.

Tomkins, his Lordship's longest serving and most trusted horticulturalist is retiring and the prized position of Head Gardener is up for grabs. Join his team of green-fingered underlings as you compete to create the most beautiful flower beds in the garden. The more flowers you plan, the more Fireflies will visit your patch and that's a sure way to please her Ladyship and see your career blossom.

Players in Dance of the Fireflies start off with a hand of seven fireflies, one of them being a royal firefly which is more powerful than the regular fireflies. In each round players can bid on flowers located around a sundial using their hand of fireflies, plant a flower from their hand, big a royal firefly, or discard a card from their hand to bid a second firefly on the flower clock. Each of the flowers players are bidding on have their own special ability players will use to their advantage. Once each player has taken their turn and drawn back up to three flowers in hand and the sundial has moved play continues. After all flowers have been exhausted the game ends and the player with the most flower bed points becomes the next royal gardener. Dance of the fireflies is advertised as being for 2-6 players aged 8+ with a play time of 15-30 minutes. It is scheduled to release in November of 2017. What's in the box? Royal Gardner will ship with a box full of gardening goodness, including:
  • Gardener's Apprentice Card
  • Day/Night Sundial
  • 6 Orchid/Weed Cards
  • 84 Flower Cards
  • 36 Firefly Wooden Counters
  • 6 Royal Firefly Counters
  • Potting Shed Card
  • Compost Heap Mat
  • Rule Book (English)
  • Rule Book (German)
  • 6 Player Guides (English)
  • 6 Player Guides (German)