D-Day Dice is back for a 2nd Edition on Kickstarter

November 20, 2017 - 6:06pm
  Word Forge Games is looking to make a big splash with their reprint and update of a award winning dice game, D-Day Dice 2nd Edition.  This takes the original game and updates it, streamlining setup, updating the rules, and also giving the game a graphics overhaul.  In the game you are soldiers storming one of several different battle fields, and on your turn you will be rolling dice to get resources in the form of gear, courage, troops, elite troops and more.  You will also have the option to advance along the battlefield, but to do so you have to have enough "resources" to be able to make the trip and not be completely eliminated.  But you also can't just sit back and collect what you need in a leisurely amount of time, you can only spend a small number of turns in each zone so you need to get what you need and get moving forward.  Make it to the objective and survive a full turn there and you win. Also of interest is that in addition to the base game, they are also funding an expansion called War Stories.  This expansion gives you more of what you expect from the game along with the addition of legendary units, servicemen, war stories, and components for a 5th player.  The war stories aspect of the expansion essentially gives you random starting conditions and on-going effects that will change how you have to play each scenario.  Servicemen are special troops that join your squad and have die faces on their card, allowing you to discard that card in order to get the shown die faces.  Legendary units are special units that were actually at the battles in real life that you are simulating, each coming with their own set of cards giving you a fresh new challenge for each map.  So if you are looking for an award winning dice chucking solo (or cooperative) game then give this Kickstarter a look. A note for the 1st edition owners, they also are offering an upgrade pack to update your first edition game to a full fledged second edition.