Wakening Lair Coming From Rather Dashing Games In 2018

November 15, 2017 - 10:36am
Rather Dashing Games has announced Wakening Lair, a fast, cooperative, dungeon delving card game coming in 2018 from the team of Mike Richie and Grant Wilson (Element, Hafid's Grand Bazaar). 2-6 players will have 9 character classes to choose from, which they will take into the deeps, exploring rooms, disarming traps, fighting monsters, and of course gathering loot. Weapons have character preferences, so maximizing the best loot for your character's abilities is paramount. One of 6 Monstrous Terrors lies at the end of the dungeon, which awakens at a randomized moment, making each game unique. Wakening Lair promises an RPG feel in an easy to play, fast card game. Read the official press release and rules on Rather Dashing's website here. Wakening Lair is expected on shelves in March 2018.

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