Dice Flicking Dexterity Game Kung Fu Zoo Coming From Wizkids

November 15, 2017 - 7:10am
Kung Fu Zoo is a new dice flicking dexterity game coming soon from Wizkids and designer Charlie Price. In Kung Fu Zoo, after all the employees have gone home, the animals escape and engage in martial arena combat! 2-4 players take turns flicking their selected animals' dice, attempting to knock their opponents out of the arena, and back into their cages. Players choose between gorilla, elephant, zebra and cheetah dice, each with its own abilities and powers. Kung Fu Zoo comes with 16 dice, 4 animal sheets, an arena board, and a vacuum formed arena for battle. You can read more about Kung Fu Zoo on Wizkid's website here, and expect the game on selves this February.

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