Hybrid Physical And Digital Social Deduction Game Adrana Project On KS

November 11, 2017 - 12:25am
Muquo Games has started a Kickstarter campaign for Adrana Project, a social deduction game heavily dependant on smartphones, social media and the internet. Players represent agents of either the World Federation, looking to maintain order out of the chaos, or the Neoluddites, who believe technology has gone too far in taking away the world's humanity. 4-12 players are trying to deduce who is on each team and to fulfill their agenda towards domination, all in real time with no turns and no moderator. Adrana Project comes with the Adrana Core, a small physical piece, which uses beacon technology, detecting phones which move close to the Core. Players can use this technology to steal virtual cards, which give clues or actions, or the Neoluddites can use the Core to install viruses in the Adrana Server during their mission. Adrana Project, the new "phygital" social deduction game will continue its campaign through December 5, and the game should be available June 2018. Additionally, here are pledge options allowing immediate beta tester access.

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