Hybrid Deck Building And Wooden Structure Game Stumped On Kickstarter

November 4, 2017 - 1:32am

Outside In Games has started a new Kickstarter Campaign for the hybrid deck building game Stumped. In Stumped, 2-4 players take turns using deck building to construct a tree out of wooden trunks, branches, leaves and fruit. Resource cards are played in stacks at your tree's roots, the base of the tree, and players attempt to create sets of one each dirt, water and sun cards, which adds a wooden piece to the tree. Cards alternatively can be used to buy either more resources or unique action cards from an open market, some decidedly take-that and destructive, and some more constructive. The first player to complete their tree with 10 leaves wins the game. Stumped comes with beautiful wooden pieces to construct 4 trees, 4 colors of wooden leaves (nearly 2 lbs of wood), and 165 cards, including 42 unique offensive, defensive and growth-related action cards. The Kickstarter Campaign for Stumped continues through December 6, and is expected to deliver in April 2018.

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