Museums Rush from Room 17 Games is on Kickstarter now

November 3, 2017 - 9:01am

We previously reported on the formation of Room 17 Games, and their inaugural game is now on Kickstarter, Museum Rush.  In Museum Rush you are some haphazard thieves trying to get the biggest score from the museum.  You will have to avoid guards and cameras, as well as do a bit of code breaking in order to steal the most valuable artifacts.  If you get caught then you get your loot confiscated and you are tossed out on your ear, but manage to hold on to your stash until the last time card comes out and you will be the winner.  On your turn you will draw two cards, and then move up to three spaces with your thief.  You have to avoid cameras and guards along the way and so those cards will become useful as they will distract guards, put them on the trail of the other thieves, or just get you out of a tight spot.  You also secretly have a buyer who wants something specific, and if you can get that something and hold onto it, then you get extra points at the end.  So work hard to sneak around, collect loot from the museum and your other thieves in order to pull the greatest museum heist and win the game. The game sounds like silly fun, and the art of the game matches that feel with goofy looking thieves and their code names.  There are two levels you can pledge for, one where you get the base game, exclusive extra thief and any stretch goals, and the second where you get the same in addition to a limited edition Egyptian expansion.  This expansion ups the crazy with new mummy guards, new loot, new rooms, and even trinkets to collect for more money.  So if this games sounds like something you would like, check out the Kickstarter today.