Shadow Strike Melee, now on Kickstarter

November 3, 2017 - 8:51am

Do you like party games, ninjas, and bluffing? A unique new competitive game from Pure Fun Games has all this and more and is now on Kickstarter. Shadow Strike Melee brings the same unique mechanic from Hanabi and turns it into an interesting game of brawling and intrigue.  Up to 9 players will hold their hands away from them while trying to pick the highest cards each round in order to wound their opponents while avoiding being wounded themselves. Being wounded isn't the end of the world, however, as each wound taken allows you to flip a card towards you giving you both insight and a tool to fight back, but take three wounds and you're out. As described on the campaign page:  "Take the role of a ninja student during his final trial: An all-out battle with his classmates! Facing other young students, you are cocky and less aware of your own abilities. Players simulate this by facing their cards outward, so only their opponents can see them. This forces players to strategize and bluff in unique and entertaining ways." As a big fan of Hanabi, this mechanic of holding your hand away from you has always been a pleasure and something that instantly hooks players the moment they learn it. If that kind of fun can be had from a game about preparing fireworks, an all-out Ninja brawl is sure to work just as well if not in a more easily palatable way. What further distinguishes Shadow Strike Melee from the award winning cooperative game is it's item cards, which allow you to steal advantages at opportune times. If you're interested in Shadow Strike Melee, please visit their Kickstarter campaign page where you can find more information, including fully available rulebook and more.

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