YouTube stars Dan and Phil announce their own card game, Truth Bombs

October 25, 2017 - 6:26am
Dan and Phil, stars on Youtube known for their game videos, have decided to take to the tabletop and design their own board game.  What resulted is a party card game called Truth Bombs, a game all about dropping truth bombs about your friends at the table.  To play the game everyone will get answer sheets, and then question cards will be drawn until you have one fewer than the number of players.  At that point everyone will pass their sheets to the left, and answer a question about the original owner of that answer sheet on questions like What do they secretly collect?, Which vegetable do they look like?, What’s the first thing they’d do if they had the power of invisibility?  This will continue until your sheet makes it back around to you, then it's time to read off the answers.  After you have read all the answers you will then pick the best answer, and try to guess who it was that wrote that answer.  Guess correctly and you and the person who wrote the answer gets a point, guess incorrectly and the writer still gets the point, but you get nothing.  At the end, whoever has the most points will be the winner. I see this game falling in to the same niche as Telestrations or Say Anything where the fun is in the answers and the scoring is pretty much meaningless.  And given the types of questions that can be asked, combined with your friend's sense of humor, this game could make for a great time at a party.  The game is available now on and other online retailers, and you can read the press release below for more information. – If you thought you knew everything there is to know about your friends, prepare to have a bomb dropped on your relationships. Introducing Dan and Phil’s first ever party game creation, Truth Bombs, available to buy, homeware and lifestyle retailer for people with imagination.

From the creative minds of YouTube stars Dan and Phil comes a party game that will expose funny facts and ridiculous revelations from your guests.

Truth Bombs pits you against your friends in an explosive battle of brutal honesty. Answer a series of funny and provocative questions about each other and prepare to hear some awkward admissions.

Pick a question, give your most truthful answer, then pass it on. Once a full cycle is complete, the truth will finally rear its ugly/hilarious head. Questions include:

  • What do they secretly collect?

  • Which vegetable do they look like?

  • What’s the first thing they’d do if they had the power of invisibility?

Points are awarded for best answer and whether the subject of the questions can guess who wrote the best answer.

You’re about to learn a lot more about the people you thought you knew best, so grab a pencil, choose a question and light the fuse to a devastating Truth Bomb.

Dan and Phil’s Truth Bombs is available at

More info

Please Note:

  • For ages 14+

  • For 4-8 players

  • 20 minutes to play

Product Features:

  • Dan & Phil's imaginations brought to life by Big Potato Games

  • 140 Truth Bomb questions

  • 160 Target sheets

  • 7 coloured mats

  • 8 Truth pencils (these special pencils are incapable of writing lies)

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