The Jack Vasel Memorial Fund Auction 2017 is Live!

October 24, 2017 - 6:10am
The annual Jack Vasel Memorial Fund auction for 2017 is now LIVE! As some background on this auction, back in 2010, Tom and Laura Vasel welcomed a baby boy into their lives, Jack, but unfortunately due to medical issues Jack would only be around for a few months before passing away in 2011.  So in honor of his memory, Tom started the Jack Vasel Memorial Fund, a non-profit whose mission is to help gamers in their hour of need.  To fund this foundation The Dice Tower sells various promos and items through their website, and once a year they hold a charity auction with tons of awesome board gaming items.  This year's auction will run from October 23rd until November 14th and will feature tons of items for sale from unreleased games, to boxes full of games, to gaming with folks like Rodney Smith, Geoff Englestein, and Jaime from the Secret Cabal Podcast.  Needless to say you can get some pretty unique items and have some great experiences with the items up for auction, so head on over to the BoardGameGeek website to check it out and place some bids! For more information on the non-profit itself, you can go to the Jack Vasel Memorial Fund website.