Two New Munchkin Products, Including The CCG, Coming In February

October 24, 2017 - 6:20am
Steve Jackson Games has announced Munchkin Clowns, a new booster pack of 15 cards, is coming to the standard Munchkin collection. A little creepy, a little funny, Munchkin Clowns will feature art from Len Peralta, the artist behind Bill and Ted's Excellent Boardgame. The Munchkin CCG is finally coming to stores this February. The brainchild of the incredible designers Eric M. Lang (Blood Rage, Dice Masters) and Kevin Wilson (Game of Thrones, Descent), Munchkin CCG has been talked about for several months now. The CCG allows players to enter as one of 6 characters, hiring monsters, attacking opponents and collecting loot. The big mechanism of the new game is the ability to bluff - players play their cards face down, allowing their opponent opportunity to run, face the proposed attack, or just simply cheat. Three starter decks will be available along with booster packs of 12 random cards each. Both these Munchkin related pieces of gaming goodness are coming February 2018. For the full newsletter about these bits of Munchkin goodness, check out Steve Jackson's Daily Illuminator here.

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