Now on Kickstarter from Dice Hate Me Games, Legends of Sleepy Hollow

October 24, 2017 - 6:29am
Dice Hate Me Games have launched their latest Kickstarter, which continues the story of Ichabod Crane's disappearance and the aftermath of that event.  The Legends of Sleepy Hollow has you playing four different character from Tarry Town, the undertaker Jeremiah Pincke, the Revolutionary War veteran Matthias Geroux, the minister Elijah Kappel, and the tanner Emily Van Winkle.  At the start of the game Ichabod Crane has already disappeared, and from that event dark things are starting to happen, signaling the possibility of something even more sinister.  Its up to you and your companions to get to the bottom of what is happening, and prevent it from coming to fruition. Legends of Sleepy Hollow is a cooperative campaign game for up to four players.  The whole story of the game will be revealed over the course of 8 adventures, each one revealing more and more of what is happening in a style similar to legacy games.  On a given turn you will perform one action, both moving and doing that action like attacking enemies, interacting with the environment, resting, or using a special ability.  After each character gets a turn the game gets a turn to move it's minions and try to attack you.  If a monster gets any hits on you it starts generating fear, and fear is not the best thing to be gathering.  The fear discs will go into your action pool, and they can be used to activate standard actions, but only a certain few special abilities, meaning more restricted options.  If you get too much fear you and your companions lose, as your mind has broken and have gone running from the area.  You can also lose in other ways, like running out of enemies to spawn, or being incapacitated by losing your last health.  Winning is much more difficult, and unfortunately changes from map to map, so you need to be smart, flexible, and keep your fear under control in order to secure victory. One thing I do want to mention about the game is that the art is excellent, and evokes the kind of old school horror feel that you would expect from a game like this.  Components for the game are great as well, with good looking minis with dials to allow for easy reference on player's remaining health.  But the coolest component to me is the box, it is extra sturdy and features a flip up lid, something you rarely see in games these days.  So if any of this sounds interesting to you, go check out the Kickstarter page today.