Animagicians monster killing card game on KS

October 17, 2017 - 6:36am
Arcadia Studio has started a Kickstarter Campaign for Animagicians, a fantasy card game of bluffing and wizardry for 1-6 players. Players take on the roles of Dark Seekers, each with their own special abilities, trying to cage the souls of attacking monsters within the enchanted manor. Each round monsters appear in the manor, each one targeted to a specific player. The Dark Seekers then place elemental spells face down in front of them, knowing that each monster requires a specific combination of elements to be defeated. In turn order, players reveal their spells, and pick which monsters on the table they attack. If monsters are defeated, the player(s) divide up the souls, knowing that remainders will be lost, making it a real possibility that players will gain no souls. Undefeated monsters will attack their targeted players. The winner is the first player to reach 10 souls, or the player to defeat the master of the manor, the lich. Animagicians comes with 10 characters, 42 spell cards, 38 monsters, mission cards for cooperative and solo play, relic cards and cardboard tokens to track souls and health. The game is language independent, and comes with rules for Solo, Cooperative and All-vs-All play. The Kickstarter Campaign for Animagicians continues through October 22, and is expected to ship in April 2018.

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