Goatfish, a variable family game, now on Kickstarter

October 9, 2017 - 10:32pm
What began as one family's ambition to create a board game suitable and variable to the tastes of children and adults is now funded on Kickstarter. Goatfish is a card game that has three modes of play for different experience levels of players and features art and mechanics that are fun for all ages. Designed by a father and daughter team, the game's core mechanism is based on Go Fish, with custom artwork drawn by the daughter which the father brought to life. Advanced modes add action cards and unique scoring rules so that even a whole group of only adults can find relaxing, strategic fun in the card game. As described via the Kickstarter campaign page:

 "We thought it would be fun to create a new game that was easy for casual gamers or younger players to learn but had more options for player interaction and deeper strategy to keep more sophisticated players engaged. Lillian and I designed Goatfish to be the next step up from entry-level or classic card games with a familiar mechanic to hook players of all skill levels."

The campaign page features a full current version of the rules, reviews from prominent critics, and videos to help potential backers decide if Goatfish is a good fit for their family.There's even a playmat available as an addon to give the game a lasting appeal and a nicer experience on the table. If not considering the novelty of the artwork and the clean design, the game is great  example of the good a father and child can create together. If you're interested in Goatfish, please visit their campaign page for more information.

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