Arcane Tinmen launch line of Board Game Sleeves

October 9, 2017 - 3:17pm
Arcane Tinmen, the company behind the high quality Dragon Shield line of card sleeves, has decided to take that expertise and apply it to board games.  They have now launched this new line along with a website dedicated to just these sleeves.  The sleeve sizes cover a wide range of board games from 7 Wonders, to Heroquest, to Descent 2.0, and more.  They even come in a non-glare format so you don't have to worry anymore about glare making cards hard to read, and you can even use the sleeve box as a card box for storage.  Overall if they maintain the quality of the Dragon Shield sleeves in these, they will be some very nice quality.  You can find out more on the Board Games Sleeves website, and you can check the list here for a large sampling of games the sleeves work for.