Card Bluffing Game Guardian's Call On KS

October 6, 2017 - 6:55am
Druid City Games and James Hudson (Barnyard Roundup / Grimm Forest)has started a new Kickstarter campaign for Guardian's Call, a card based bluffing and deduction game for 2-5 players. In Guardian's Call, players try and collect the right resources and save the most villagers in order to be names the Guardian of the Realm. Game play involves card collection from the open market and bluffing, in a manner similar to Sheriff of Nottingham. Players take turns offering sets of identical cards to their opponents; they can lie about what the cards are, but they must not lie about the number of cards. If they are caught in the lie, the opponent gets the cards, otherwise the player may keep them. Curse cards must be bluffed when offered, and if the bluff is successful, the opponent ends up with the curse. If a player loses an offer, they gain coins which can be used to directly take cards, or to dispel curses. Players can play as one of 5 different guardians, each with special abilities. Timing cards in the market trigger events - The Council card starts quest scoring, and a War card signals the last round of the game. The Kickstarter campaign for Guardian's Call continues through October 13, and is expected to deliver in July 2018.

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