New games coming soon from Osprey Games and Greenbrier Games, plus an update to Road to Legend

September 29, 2017 - 10:45am

First on our list of new releases is a card drafting game from Osprey Games called Samurai Gardener.  This card game was previously released in Japan back in 2013, but now after four years it has made it's way to these shores.  In Samurai Gardener you are trying to develop the most desirable garden in order to bring honor to your lord.  You will be speed drafting cards and placing them into your arrangement to have long rows and columns of the same type of squares.  Now what is speed drafting you ask?  Well, it's real time drafting where at the start of the active player's turn, they will flip up cards equal to the number of players, then after a count down everyone will simultaneously slap the card the want.  If you are the first to get there you get the card, else you will need to pick a different card.  After everyone has been the active player once the round ends, and a scoring round happens.  When the deck runs out the game will end and the highest score wins, so slow or fast, make sure you have the cards you need to win.  Look for it on shelves in October this year.

Next we have the latest game coming from Greenbrier Games, and that is Vengeance, a fast paced game about avenging yourself against the bad guys who wronged you.  This is a competitive game where you start out battered and bruised, and over the course of the game you heal up and gain new skills in order to seek revenge.  Battles are dynamic with dice based puzzles where you are trying to take out the gang boss by triggering a series of special moves from your character.  There is also a bit of cooperation in the game in that the final goal is to eliminate all the gangs from you city, but always remember there will be only one winner at the end of the game.  Look for this game and the Rosari expansion, which adds a 5th player, on store shelves in November. Finally, we have the latest adventure update to Road to Legend, the companion app for playing with Descent 2nd Edition.  This one adds the adventure model Trials of Frostgate, which departs from the other updates in that instead of a traditional campaign, this one offers four different trails for you to attempt and get that high score.  They include:
  • the Trial of the Bear, pitting your might against endless hordes of enemies
  • the Trial of the Hawk, forcing you to show speed and cunning as you banish baleful spirits before they call down more perils
  • the Trial of the Lion sends you into pitched combat with the most powerful and dangerous of your enemies
  • the Trial of the Wolf bids you escort the spirits of your ancestors to the afterlife, protecting them from any danger along the way
This update is available now so you can go download it from your Road to Legend app, or check out more information from FFG's website.