On Cry Havoc's anniversary Portal Games will release it's expansion

September 10, 2017 - 9:53am
On the cusp of Cry Havoc's 1 year anniversary, Portal Games have announced Cry Havoc Aftermath's release date, and that is the Essen fair later this year.  Also, in addition to announcing the date of its release, Portal Games has also given us more info on what you can expect from this new expansion.  Below is from the email announcement they sent: New addition: Universal Structures Aftermath expansion includes new universal structures, such as victory points generating Propaganda Center, crystal placing Geological Scanning Center and card drawing AI Servers, which will give you universal bonuses and advantages. New addition: Faction Structures Your army never was more powerful, more determined and closer to ultimate victory. These new Faction Structures include units transporting Choppa (which allows you to Get to da choppa!) for the Human Army, prisoner exploiting Psycho-Chamber (which will let you get psyched) for the Machine Army, crystals turbo harvesting Turbo Harvester for Pilgrim Army and movement slowing Swamp Fields for Trog Army. New addition - 4 Leader Boards Four great leaders for your armies, such as Human Col. E Rose, Machine Omega Brain T-14, Pilgrim Mystic or Trog Ashlas Chief who will not only increase number of your tactical options, but will prove quite useful at managing your skills and structures. New addition: Scoring Events Additional ways to score points with new scoring events cards, such as Probe Reports and Training Alarm! So if you are a fan of Cry Havoc and want more, look for this at the Essen fair, and if you aren't there, look for it on store shelves soon after.