Did you Miss? Fantasy Flight Games released 2-player set for Star Wars Destiny

September 10, 2017 - 9:42am
Force Friday 2 has come and gone, and with it the release of a new Star Wars game from FFG, a two player boxed set of Star Wars Destiny.  Fantasy Flight Games was rather hush about this release and wouldn't even let brick-and-mortar stores about what exactly was going to be released that Friday (stores had to blindly go in on knowing they were releasing some sort of a Star Wars game that day). Star Wars Destiny is the collectible dice game being put out by FFG as a competitor to Dice Masters.  In the game you will build a deck based on a set amount of points and dice, and then take your band of characters and equipment into battle against someone else.  Drawing and rolling dice on your turn in order to activate the many abilities of the cards you have.  In this new box set you will get enough cards, tokens, and dice to play the game right out of the box.  Plus, for those who are veterans to the game, this new box also features unique characters that haven't been released like new versions of Captain Phasma, Kylo Ren, Rey, and Poe Dameron.  So whether you are just getting into the game or have been around for a while, this new boxed set is worth a look. You can find out my information on FFG website, or go to your FLGS and pick it up today!