dV Giochi Announces New Reeases For Essen

September 5, 2017 - 8:30pm
dV Giochi has announced a number of new games and expansions coming to Essen Spiel this October. Each game embodies the dV Giochi ideal of a simple game with a challenging ruleset. Firstly, Minute Realms is a compact city building game where 2-5 players will build up and grow their realm. Kings need to decide whether to spend their riches growing a splendid city, or spend on defense to repel invaders. Designed by Stefano Castelli (Potion Explosion), Minute Realms contains 56 cards, coins, tokens and an invader board. Origami by Christian Giove pits 2-4 players against each other as origami masters. Players need to collect folds in order to play their origami cards, and claim victory. Origami comes with a 90 card deck, and a sheet of paper to fold an origami first player marker. Mucho Macho is the latest version of Number of Gold, the winner of the "best unpublished game of 2016/17" contest. In Mucho Macho, 2-4 players compete in the high striker carnival game, testing their strength. Players choose two cards for their strength. The stronger player gets to pick two prizes, but must keep the lower for himself. Mucho Macho comes with a deck of 80 cards, round order, and place holder  markers. Also making their first public appearance at Essen will be the expansions Dark Tales - The Little Mermaid and BANG! Armed and Dangerous. Additionally, dV Giochi will be showing off their Deckscape escape room card series, Test Time and The Fate of London.

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