Five24 Labs is back with a new minty fresh game on Kickstarter

September 3, 2017 - 10:27pm
After the great success of their first game, Mint Works, Five24 Labs is continuing the same theme and style with their new game, Mint Delivery.  The major change this time around?  Now it's a pick up and deliver game instead of a worker placement game.  To setup the game you will build the map, choose a truck color, load up with regular mints, and draft some order cards.  Each turn you get two actions, the options for actions include moving or performing a city action.  City actions are how you convert and get mints and orders, and the move action is how you are going to be getting around the board.  While you start with regular mints there are also sugar free mints and cinnamon mints, each of which can only be gotten by converting normal mints, and few orders will want only regular mints.  You can also add an additional layer of strategy with player powers as well, bringing the game just a little bit higher.  But in the end, it's whoever has the most points through fulfilled orders that will be the winner. This miniaturized and minty take on pick up and deliver aims to capture the same magic that the first game did, and it just might.  You can head over to the Kickstarter page to back for this new game, and you can also add in Mint Works, a playmat for Mint Delivery, and even a promo pack for Mint Works as well.