Mystic Vale Conclave is coming in time for Christmas

September 1, 2017 - 4:31pm
Mystic Vale, the card crafting game that continues to get bigger and bigger, is taking a different approach with their next expansion in December, called Mystic Vale Conclave.  This new expansion will of course add more cards, but it also add new rules and is meant as a box to hold all of the Mystic Vale cards released to date, and more.  The new rules are called the Equinox rules that allows for much faster game play, and the box will include two more starter deck to bring the max player count up to 6 players.  Also included are Conclaves that allow you to customize decks of advancement and vales, totem cards to give you unique abilities, and spirit counters to help keep track of what symbols you generate each turn.  All in all you will get a great box to hold all of your Mystic Vale, and more goodies to include in your games to keep them fresh, look for it on store shelves in December of 2017.