Get your fill on Kickstarter with Smorgasboard

August 27, 2017 - 1:52am
Food themed games have been popping up lately, and here is another one that takes the buffet style approach in gameplay and theme.  Smorgasboard plays like a food themed version of Cranium, where you will be playing one of four different games revolving around food.  First is 4BIDDEN-FRUIT, this mini game plays like Taboo and has you trying to get your team to guess the food, without saying it's name or 4 other words which are forbidden.  Second is KITCHEN-KAOS, in this game it's a race to find the food in an anagram that will either complete the classic recipe, or spoil the recipe.  Third is NUÜDLE-DOODLE, here you are playing Pictionary to get your team to guess the food, but the trick is that you can't lift your pencil once it touches the paper, making your drawing look like a pile of noodles.  And last we have TASTO-QUEST, this is where you will answer general food knowledge questions, true/false questions, or multiple choice questions.  As your team succeeds in each of the mini games you will move your pawn around the track, be the first one to the finish line to win! Smorgasboard will no doubt hit home for food lovers who like mass market party games like Taboo and Cranium, and the wonderfully stylized art helps that as well.  This game also boasts being conceived, designed, and made in Ireland, something that might be important to discerning backers.  Another unique feature of the game is that they are including an app "booster pack" which increases the number of cards in the game significantly, making sure the game never gets stale.  You can read more about the game and pledge for it on their Kickstarter page.