Renegade Games serves up dessert with two new games, Sundae Split and Pie Town

August 26, 2017 - 2:47am
The first dessert themed game Renegade Games has announced is Sundae Split, being designed Nate Bivins and in partnership with Foxtrot Games.  The game will feature excellent art by Rehana Khan and use the underutilized 'I split, you choose' mechanic.  In the game you want to create the best sundae, but before you can add toppings you have to give your opponents toppings to add to their sundaes.  So on your turn you create piles of toppings comprised of things like sprinkles, whipped cream, and cherries, but also with less desirable things like vegetables.  At the end of the game you will score based on your mix of toppings and the highest score will be the winner.  You can look for this tasty looking game on shelves in November, and head on over to the Renegade Games website to read more about it. But maybe you aren't in the mood for ice cream, maybe you want some pie?  Well Renegade Games still has you covered with their other November release,  Pie Town: Spies, Lies, and Apple Pies.  This is a dice worker placement games by new designer Daniel Fremgen, and will feature a bit of deduction as well.  In the game dice are used as workers that begin on level 1 and are slowly upgraded throughout the game.  But the recipe you use is a closely guarded secret, and if anyone else knew it you would be ruined!  So in the game you are tyring to fool your opponents on what your secret recipe is, while trying to figure out theirs.  Become the best pie shop in town to be the winner!  You can find out more information on Renegade Games' website.