Steve Jackson's Ogre Coming to Steam

August 23, 2017 - 10:39am Steve Jackson Games has announced that OGRE will be coming to Steam this October 5th, celebrating the game's 40th anniversary. The digital version of the game is being developed by Auroch Digital. A taste of the war to come can be seen on the trailer for the game. OGRE is a turn based tactical ground combat games set in the near (and getting nearer!) future. Set in the year 2085, armored warfare is getting faster and deadlier. While hovercrafts, tanks and infantry continued to do battle with nuclear devices, the most feared weapon in war is the giant cybernetic tank referred to as the OGRE which needs to human guidance. In a basic two player game of OGRE one player has a force of infantry, armor and a command post to defend. The opposing player has only the OGRE. More advanced, and deadly, games have OGREs on both sides of the battlefield. The digital adaptation of the game will feature:
  • The first digital release of the game since 1986, the game features both OGRE and expanded G.E.V. rules
  • Campaign mode featuring missions developed in partnership with Steve Jackson Games
  • Multiplayer turn based online gaming as well as local pass-and-play capabilities
  • Online ranking and matchmaking system
  • AI based single player skirmish and tutorial modes
  • Faction building featuring Light, Heavy, Superheavy,and Missile Tanks, G.E.V.s, Infantry, Marines, Howitzers, and Ogres (Mark I to- Mark VI)
First published in 1977, the game most recently came back to shelves as Ogre: Designer's Edition. This kickstarter edition of the game raked in almost $1 million in 2012. Weighing in at 18 pounds, the game included thousands of counters, tanks, and OGREs. While the pocket edition and the designer edition are both out of print, the 6th Edition of OGRE is currently still available for those who prefer moving cardboard rather than the digital implementation.