Fantasy Flight Games announces Legacy of Dragonholt

August 14, 2017 - 4:44pm
In an effort to bridge the gap between RPG and board game, or to just produce a highly narrative game, FFG has announced Legacy of Dragonholt.  This game uses a newly created game system called the Oracle system, and promises to give the same thematic depth as an RPG, but without the need for a GM.  The start of the game is very similar with people picking a race and a class with choices like dwarves, elves, gnomes, and knight, sage, thief to just name a few.  From there you will embark on quests as you try to figure out the greater mysteries that have been plaguing Dragonholt.  FFG describes the first three adventures: New Roads, your team ponders the strangeness of Celyse’s letter as you travel the road to Dragonholt. If lives are truly in danger, you have no time to waste. But the gnome who has decided to act as your guide seems blissfully unaware of any rumors regarding danger or treachery as she leads you through Eventide Forest. Another quest, Paper Faces, will have you attending a strange and intriguing ball. Lady Regina Fairfax has invited both the villagers and nobles of Dragonholt to a grand masquerade where anyone can mingle without the boundaries of social class. the Whispering Leaves quest. First, the countess’s daughter and heir, Sonia, met her demise under dubious circumstances, bringing your party to Dragonholt. But now, her son Philip has gone missing as well. The game promises to be ever changing and adapting to your decisions as you play, making for varied outcomes on multiple plays.  Plus there is also an experience system which allows you to level up and gain new abilities and items, making you stronger for the tougher tasks ahead.  So if this kind of game sounds interesting then head on over to FFG page to read more, and look forward to it's release in the fourth quarter of this year.