Room 17 Games announces a new museum heist game called Museum Rush

August 16, 2017 - 12:32am
Room 17 Games is a newly minted company in Nottingham, UK, and so they want to get off to a running start with their game Museum Rush.  In Museum Rush you are some haphazard thieves trying to get the biggest score from the museum.  You will have to avoid guards and cameras, as well as do a bit of code breaking in order to steal the most valuable artifacts.  If you get caught then you get your loot confiscated, but manage to hold on to your stash until the last time card comes out and you will be the winner. Playing is a simple task of picking a card to play and moving.  The are various cards that will help you distract guards, cover up cameras, or mess with your fellow thieves.  You will also have individual player powers giving each character it's own feel.  And with the comical art you have a game that is fun and quick.  Look for this on store shelves soon.