Modiphius Releasing Rendezvous With Randomness Dice Art Book

August 11, 2017 - 7:59am
Modiphius Entertainment has announced plans to release both a Collector's Edition and a Limited Edition of the book Rendezvous with Randomness. These two elaborate art books feature extremely high quality images of dice. The limited edition photobook will only have 200 copies produced. Rendezvous with Randomness is a coffee table style book for impressing your RPG guests. Måns Danneman has taken incredible photographs of dice to fill out this volume. Images feature effects and situations you might never want to put your own dice into. Bio Hazard Dice are dropped into frying pans of oil to melt on impact while other dice are featured in equally appropriate situtations.

Freeway Warrior Choose Your Own Adventure

Modiphius Entertainment has also announced plans to release Freeway Warrior 1 - Highway Holocaust, a choose-your-own-adventure-gamebook from British Lone Wolf game designer Joe Dever. Dever was the first British winner of the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Championship in 1982. The Freeway Warrior book is set in a post apocalyptic world, the first in his America 2033 AD series.

Eight years ago the terrorist agents of H.A.V.O.C. triggered a nuclear nightmare that devastated the northern hemisphere, its radioactive aftermath claiming all but a few lucky survivors. Patiently, in scattered colonies deep underground, these survivors have been waiting for the earth to heal itself, waiting for the day when they could walk once more upon the surface of their shattered world.

That day has arrived, but it means the battle for your survival has only just begun. As Cal Phoenix, the Freeway Warrior and protector of Dallas Colony One, you need to defend your colony from a the gang of H.A.V.O.C. clansmen led by  psychotic Mad Dog Michigan. Make critical choices to defend yourself and those who rely on you in this choose your own adventure.