Social Card Game Who Should We Eat? Coming From Wizkids

August 8, 2017 - 7:48am
Wizkids has announced Who Should We Eat?, a lighthearted social card game about... well... cannibalism. 4-10 players take on the roles of plane crash survivors on a deserted island, trying to gather resources to build a raft and escape. Unfortunately, food is scarce and your fellow players are edible. Players track food, resources and sanity, and trials can determine if someone is eaten. The game comes with a set of straws for drawing long or short, but sometimes a good old fashioned knife fight is the only way to decide such matters. Eaten characters come back as ghosts and exact revenge on the living. Can anyone escape the island by collecting enough resources before their sanity runs out and win the game? Who Should We Eat? is expected in October 2017, and you can check out Wizkid's official website description here.

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