AEG New Releases

August 8, 2017 - 7:27am
BakaFire of Tragedy Looper fame is coming out with a new 2 player fighting card game, Sakura Arms. Originally released in Japan, Sakura Arms is the latest in AEG's Big in Japan series of games. Battling players control the power of the "megami", channeling through the petals of the Sakura tree, trying to combine megami to give greater attacks. Combining some elements of deck construction and head-to-head card play, Sakura Arms should be available January 2018. Check out AEG's website for more details. Several games recently have been reimagined as card games, and the latest to follow this trend is Junta Las Cartas. Junta, the classic free-form board game of corruption and revolution, originally came out in 1978, and this new card version promises the same mechanisms of stealing money, buying votes, hiring assassins and blowing up buildings. Junta Las Cartas plays 3-6 players in under an hour and is expected in November 2017. Check out AEG's web page for more information. The Master's Trials: Wrath of Magmorath, by designers Vangelis Bagiartakis (Among the Stars, Dice City) and Anastasios Grigoriadis is coming from AEG and Artipia Games. Master's Trials is a cooperative dice crafting game for 1-4 players, which uses the dice building mechanism from Dice City to create and develop characters. Players need to send their characters through 10 rounds, eventually to battle the evil Magmorath. The Master's Trials should be available November 2017; more information is on AEG's website, which you can find here.

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