Arcane Tinmen ends partnership with Asmodee/Fantasy Flight Games over distribution

August 4, 2017 - 2:19pm
Not too long ago, Asmodee North America announced that they, and all the companies owned by them, would be switching distributors to be exclusively with Alliance.  This news got some mixed responses as it was considered to be a good business move, but others thought trimming down to a single distributor was a bad idea.  Arcane Tinmen is in the camp of "bad idea" as they have ended a long standing partnership with Asmodee North America and Fantasy Flight Games in order to continue distributing through multiple channels.  This went into effect immediately so you shouldn't see much change in how you get their products, and you can read the full press release below for more info. Arcane Tinmen maintains broad distribution in the States Arcane Tinmen has decided to discontinue their business cooperation with Asmodée North America (ANA) in order to maintain a broader distribution network of their products in the United States market. The change will go into effect on August 1st 2017. Arcane Tinmen will continue to have its products distributed through many main distributors in the US, including Southern Hobby, ACD, GTS and PHD. Arcane Tinmen is thankful for many years of fruitful and prosperous relations with Asmodée NA, and Fantasy Flight Games before that. Asmodée NA recently announced that they would be going from five distributors to an exclusive partnership with Alliance Game Distributors. Michael Stehr Lilhav, CEO of Arcane Tinmen, states; "I recognize that this is a solid move for Asmodée and their business, but the future for Dragon Shield and other Arcane Tinmen accessories lies within the wider distribution network." Michael Stehr Lilhav adds that Arcane Tinmen is thankful for the many years of partnership the company has had with Asmodée, and that he wishes both companies plenty of good fortune on each of their separate future paths. Arcane Tinmen is known for their wide range of gaming accessories and high quality trading card game protection products. With the world renowned quality-brand Dragon Shield, Arcane Tinmen has been an important player in the gaming industry for decades.