Wizkids Announces Dungeon Hustle, A Chain Reaction Dungeon Crawl

August 2, 2017 - 7:28am
Wizkids has announced Dungeon Hustle, a unique dungeon crawl from designers Ben and Tim Eisner (March of the Ants). In Dungeon Hustle, 2-4 players take up the familiar tropes of fighter, rogue, cleric and mage, moving through a dungeon picking up cards and colored items. The twist is that as long as players keep moving along a path of similarly colored dungeon tiles, they can keep going, forming a "hustle". When you step on a different color, the hustle ends, and you pick up all the tiles you stepped on. Items are used to fight monsters, complete quests and collect gold, which then can be used to level your character. Dungeon Hustle will be available at GenCon50, and to the general public later in August 2017. You can read more about Dungeon Hustle on Wizkid's website here.

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