Horror Camp Movies, Find The Difference Puzzles, And Carcassonne - New Release News

August 1, 2017 - 7:31am
Ares Games has announced an expansion to their 2016 camp-horror-movie board game, Last Friday. Last Friday - Return to Camp Apache will add support for up to 7 players, with two controlling the evil Demon and the Maniac. The expansion will also sport a new board, 5 new characters including 2 special characters, the Marshall and the Witch, 2 new chapters, new clues and equipment. The original Last Friday chapters can also be played with the new goodies in a "Survival Horror" game mode which introduces some real time constraints.  Read more details in the Ares Games press release here. Cool Mini or Not has announced Sherlook, a board game interpretation of the "difference between the pictures" puzzles from children's magazines. In Sherlook, two nearly identical crime scene pictures are placed out, and players need to guess how many differences there are between the photos. When only one player is left, they only have 3 more seconds to make a guess. The game continues over 10 rounds, in which crime scene photos can be arranged in very different ways, adding to the difficulty.  Sherlook comes with "40 nearly identical crime scene photos", stumps 2-6 players in about 20 minutes, and should be available now. You can read more about the game in the CMoN press release here. Z-Man Games has announced the 2017 Carcassonne Big Box, which contains the original 2001 Spiel Winner, along with 11 of the most essential expansions. This compilation, actually the 6th big box for Carcassonne, contains the first two expansions, Inns & Cathedrals and Traders & Builders, considered indispensable. Also in the box are the mini-expansions Flying Machines, Messengers, Ferries, Gold Mines, Robbers, Mage & Witch, Abbot, River and Crop Circles. If this classic of modern board gaming has managed to escape your collection so far, this Big Box collection should be a must buy. You can read more details on the Z-Man website here.

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