Tabletop is catching on the Middle East

August 1, 2017 - 7:24am
In America and Europe, board games are in a golden age right now and for the most part, enjoy wide spread availability and appeal, but now it's spreading even farther.  In a recent article on ArabNews, the board gaming hobby is starting to take off in the Middle East, especially in the Gulf countries.  They talk to some purveyors of board game spaces in places like Dubai and Jeddah about why that might be.  In the article they talk about how board gaming has come a long way from the roll and move days of Monopoly, meaning games are far more interesting to play now and don't require as much luck.  They also talk about how board gaming is a social activity that brings people together, as opposed to the other big hobby, video gaming.  And finally, with the focus on family in the Middle East, buying board games for family gatherings is becoming increasingly common as they are fun activities to bond around. The article is a good read and shows that board gaming continues to grow and expand, and that growth can only mean good things for board gaming in the future.