Now on Kickstarter from CMON, A Song of Fire and Ice Tabletop Miniatures Game

July 28, 2017 - 7:16am
It was announced before that CMON was setting up for a Game of Thrones miniatures game, and now we have the Kickstarter to fund it.  A Song of Fire and Ice Tabletop Miniatures Game is exactly that, a tabletop miniatures war game in the same vein as Runewars and Warhammer 40k.  In the game you will take control of one of the houses and lead them to victory against all other opposition.  In the base game they have over 100 miniatures split among house Stark and house Lannistar and has all the bits and pieces you need to field both armies in battle. The game has several features that you might find interesting, first is that you don't move figures one at a time, this game feature unit trays where you can move your troops as a squad.  This will speed up the game as you aren't having to move figures individually, and allows for easy measuring using guides like in X-Wing.  Another aspect that is rather unique is the inclusion of non combat units, units that will never get deployed to the board but give you distinct benefits in the game.  You will also be choosing leaders and commanders, units that will be both powerful, but also bring powerful abilities to the table.  And finally, the game includes tactics cards that you can draw from your own personalized decks to give you a leg up at just the right moment. Overall the game looks great, and with great designers like Eric Lang and Michael Shinall behind it, should play great as well.  You can check out the Kickstarter page to back for your copy. One final thing that is awesome is the inclusion of a George R.R. Martin promo figure with a special ability, basically if you have him in your army and win, you get to tell everyone how it all went down, and your opponent isn't allowed to refute it until they beat you.