Asmodee announces a family version of Captain Sonar

July 28, 2017 - 7:12am
Captain Sonar has been an absolute hit this year, which is surprising for a game that requires 8 people to get the full experience.  So Asmodee wants to roll with the punches and has announced a family version of the game simply called Sonar.  In this version of the game your crew size is cut down to 2, meaning a full game only needs a much more manageable 4 people to fill every spot.  Half of the roles and a lot of extras steps have been removed and you just have two positions, the captain and the radio operator. The radio operator has the same role as before, listening to the other team's captain as they move to try and determine where they are on the map.  For the captain, they will announce the movement as well as mark off energy on their board as they move.  When you get enough energy you can do things like activate sonar, run silent, or launch a torpedo.  Running silent means you can move a space without announcing it, sonar makes your opponent to reveal either the column or row they are in, and firing a torpedo has you picking a coordinate to try and damage your opponent.  First sub that takes two damage loses. Hopefully the fun and feel of the larger game is still contained in this trimmed down version, but it does take the teamwork aspect of the big game down a notch, so we will have to wait and see.  You can pick up a copy of Sonar later this fall, so until then you can read more about it on Asmodee's website.