Now on Kickstarter from Petersen Games, Cthulhu Wars Onslaught 3

July 25, 2017 - 2:43pm
Cthulhu Wars is the miniature war game with not so mini miniatures, and gameplay similar to Risk, but much deeper and more varied with different units and asymmetric player powers.  It has done very well since it's release, sitting at #31 for thematic games, and has even had a Kickstarter to fund expansion content two years ago called Onslaught 2.  Well here we are with Cthulhu Wars Onslaught 3, and even more factions and goodies have been added to further expand this already giant game, both in scope and physical size. For this campaign you can get the new Ancients faction, complete with spells and figures, markers for things like eradication, tons of new neutral units and figures, and even new maps to explore.  Basically you are getting loads more content to further expand the game and give you more options to play with than what you already have.  Also, they are including things like custom battle dice for each faction and the hardcover rule-book, updated with all the extras found in this and previous campaigns.  You can even pledge for EVERYTHING, plopping down $749 to get everything released to date of Cthulhu Wars, including the base game.  So if you want to invest in this mountain of plastic, head on over to the campaign page.