AMIGO announces Carnival of Monsters by Richard Garfield

July 21, 2017 - 11:40am
AMIGO Spiel along with Freizeit GmbH have announced their next game, Carnival of Monsters, a card drafting game designed by Richard Garfield.  In this game you are drafting cards to acquire land, and then from that land capture exotic monsters and put them on display.  Of course you will also have to hire staff, but while they help you out, they are also working towards their own goal.  AMIGO has also announced that since Richard is a big name in the game world, they will be going through Kickstarter to fund the best art they can find, so look for that campaign to launch this fall.  For more information you can read the press release below.

AMIGO Spiel + Freizeit GmbH is delighted to announce the coming of a new spectacular from the creative genius that brought the world Magic: The Gathering, Android: Netrunner, and RoboRally! Yes, it’s Richard Garfield’s new card game creation, Carnival of Monsters!

Carnival of Monsters is a card-drafting game in which players collect sets of land cards which allow them to capture and display strange and exotic creatures, hire talented staff to help run their enterprise, and pursue their own secret goals.

Because we believe that a game like this from a designer like Richard Garfield deserves the most magnificent artwork possible, AMIGO is pleased to offer every game enthusiast an opportunity to help make this project a reality by supporting our up-coming Kickstarter campaign this fall! Keep a listen—more details coming soon!