Now on Kickstarter from Ares Games, Master of the Galaxy

July 21, 2017 - 9:11am
Ares Games, along with Igrology, is back on Kickstarter with their latest offering, a bag building 4X game called Master of the Galaxy.  This is a 4X game where you are trying to build up your space empire, while battling others for control of key areas to get resources.  This game features bag building in that on your turn, you will draw resource cubes from the bag, and these cubes are what you will use to perform actions.  You will place them onto the board to form routes and take over systems to get more cubes.  You will place them on your own personal board, powering up you special ability to be able to unleash it on the board.  You can also use them to build bases, draw cards from the development decks, complete projects, and more. The cards you acquire will give you more resources, and there are additional allies with special abilities of their own to use.    All of this is to get you closer to victory in one of three ways, annihilating an opponent, establishing 9 bases, or dominating a specific area like science, economics, or diplomacy.  So if this game sounds interesting to you, head on over to the Kickstarter page.