Two new games released from Big Potato

July 15, 2017 - 6:38am
Big Potato has released their two latest games, OK Play and Chameleon, and both are exclusive to Target stores.  The first is Chameleon, a social deduction game in the same vein as Spyfall where you are trying to find the chameleon.  To start you shuffle up the code cards and the chameleon card and give one to each player, then you will flip over a topic card and roll two dice.  From those two dice and the code card it will indicate which topic, there are 16 on a card, the players will be talking about.  At that point you will take some time to think of a word associated with the topic, something specific but not too specific.  The chameleon's job is to either blend in and not get outed, or if that fails, to figure out what the topic is.  Everyone else's job is to make it hard for the chameleon to figure out the word, and try to sus out who the chameleon really is.  Tom Vasel give it a Seal of Excellence in his video review and so if you like games like Spyfall, give this one a look.

The other game is OK Play, a simple abstract game where you are trying to get 5 of your colored pieces in a row.  Gameplay is super easy in that all you do on your turn is place a piece, or move a piece if they are all out, and whoever gets 5 in a row first is the winner.  With quick and simple gameplay like that, Big Potato took the time to make sure the game is playable anywhere, and I think they accomplished that.  The pieces are nice plastic tiles and the carrier for them keeps them all contained in four nice stacks, allowing for easy travel with this game.  Tom give this game a Seal of Approval in his video review and so if you like simple abstract games like this, check it out.  For more info you can read the two press releases below.   The Chameleon - Big Potato Games Big Potato are back with a brand new game called The Chameleon. The indie games company will be releasing its game as an exclusive at Target this summer and the game is out now across all stores and on-line. It was recently crowned the ‘Best Party Game’ at the UK Games Expo which is the third largest games convention in the world, and was awarded The Dice Tower’s reputable ‘Seal of Excellence’. The Chameleon is a family-friendly, social bluffing game, devised by legendary board game inventor Rikki Tahta, creator of Coup. If you are the hidden Chameleon, your mission is to stay undetected and work out the secret code word. If you aren’t the Chameleon then you must track down that elusive Chameleon without giving away the secret word. If the wrong person is accused, the real Chameleon escapes. If the Chameleon is caught, they have one last chance to escape by guessing the secret word. Games are short and sweet, and full of flying accusations, quick-thinking and Sherlock-like deductions. For more information, visit • Ages 14+ • 3 to 8 players • 10 minutes to play   OK Play - Big Potato Games This summer, indie board games company Big Potato is releasing its new family-friendly travel game called OK Play. Big Potato is the only board game brand that is exclusive to Target and the game is out now across all stores and online. OK Play is super-simple to learn but tricky to win. It’s like an off-road Connect Four but for 2-4 players and to win you’ve got to sneak a straight or horizontal line of 5 tiles in a row. There’s no board to stop the game going off in random directions and if you run out of tiles, you get to re-position old ones. With toughened plastic tiles and a handy carabiner, OK Play is made to travel. Don’t leave home without it. For more information, visit • Ages 8+ • 2 to 4 players • 15 minutes to play About Big Potato After the success of their trivia card game Linkee, founders Ben, Dean and Tris decided to set up their own business. Big Potato was set up in 2012 as an independent board games company.  With all of the products created and designed in-house, Big Potato offers a variety of board games ranging from family games to adult party games. The Shoreditch-based company sell through UK retailers both large and small. Last year, they successfully entered the U.S. market through an exclusive deal with Target.