Fantasy Flight Details New Missions In Star Wars Rebellion Expansion, Rise Of The Empire

July 15, 2017 - 6:33am

Fantasy Flight Games has just put out a press release detailing some of the missions included in the new expansion for Dice Tower Award winner  Star Wars Rebellion, Rise of the Empire. Influenced heavily by the newest Star Wars movie, Rogue One, Rise of the Empire will include all new leaders, units and missions from that universe. Rebel troops can leave the safety of the hidden base to do reconnaissance, or infiltrate behind enemy lines. The Empire can show its might by discrediting the Rebel Alliance or using Rebel captives as bait. The new Death Star can even run on low power, destroying cities to remove troops without inciting the type of sympathy planetary destruction might bring. Look for Rise of the Empire in August 2017, and you can read the full press release detailing new missions on Fantasy Flight's website here.

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