Time Barons Coming From Wizkids In October

July 4, 2017 - 12:49am

Wizkids is releasing an updated version of Time Barons, a 2 player head to head card game originally self-published in 2014 by Quibble Games by designers Jon Perry and Derek Yu. In Time Barons, 2 players manipulate followers and Site Cards through 4 distinct ages to try and destroy their opponent's followers. Players can quickly jump through the ages to create high tech warfare, or can focus on creating a giant medieval army, relying on their inherent fanaticism. The new 2017 version will be more balanced, have graphical improvements, and will come with 50 new expansion cards. Additionally, the game can be played with up to four players using team and free-for-all modes. Look for Time Barons in October 2017.

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