Now on Kickstarter from Darkraven Games, Vivat Imperium

July 3, 2017 - 1:26am
RPG games are all about the experience, from the people you play with down to the adventure you are playing, and sound can be a big factor in that.  So some background music/sound sites have popped up like Syrinscape or TableTopAudio to help build the atmosphere of the game.  Now Darkraven Games is throwing their hat in the ring with a massive amount of soundtracks in their first Kickstarter.  You can pledge at all sorts of different levels to get many, many hours of soundscapes for an Imperial City or Cthulhu setting.  In each pack is all sorts of setting music like that for a quiet inn, the emperor's mead hall, a market, to even darker sounds like battling the undead in a crypt.  Overall the music sounds great and used well can provide depth to an RPG, or even the right themed game.  Check out the Kickstarter today to pledge for the music tracks.