Fantasy Flight Announces Custom Dice Driven Universal RPG Genesys

June 29, 2017 - 6:19pm
Fantasy Flight Games has announced Genesys, a new universal Roleplaying system which uses custom narrative dice to determine a more nuanced story than simple success and failure. Players accumulate a dice pool of Ability and Difficulty dice, depending on the character's skill and the difficulty of the task. To succeed, players need to roll more successes than failures on the dice. However, the dice also have symbols for Advantage and Threat, which represent positive and negative side effects during the challenge. Additionally, Ability and Difficulty dice can be upgraded to Proficiency and Challenge dice, which add more intense symbols for complete Triumph and utter Despair. Dice pools can be further modified with Boost and Setback dice, which add more Advantage or Threat symbols during the task. Genesys is designed for a wide variety of Roleplaying worlds, including, but not limited to, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Steampunk and Modern Day Scenarios. Read the complete press release from Fantasy Flight here, and look for Genesys in Q4 2017.

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