Overworld Games announces Total Recall: The Official Board Game

June 29, 2017 - 3:47am
Back in the hay day of Arnold Schwarzenegger movies, Total Recall earned itself a place as a classic among sci-fi movies, to the point where it still gets referenced in movies to today.  So naturally a board game about the movie would be a good way to tap into nostalgia and bring new people into the hobby.  Enter Overworld Games and their next board game, Total Recall: The Official Board Game.  The original movie was all about the mutant rebels rising up against the tyrannical Federal Colonies, and so what better genre of game to make it into than social deduction.  The game has everyone entering a Rekall dream where you are armed with a gun and a mission, kill the leader of the opposing faction.  The game will play similar to Good Cop, Bad Cop, but with the added ability of people being able to become Rekall scientists.  When you become a Rekall scientist you now have the ability to manipulate the dreams and change the game, even to the point where you can win by yourself.  The Kickstarter for the game will launch in August of this year with a retail release in 2018.  Also of note for the Kickstarter is that a NSFW (not safe for work) version will be available for pledging, most likely paying homage to the violence and gore in the source movie.  You can read the press release below for more information.   Total Recall Announced by Overworld Games PASADENA, California, June 28, 2017 - Overworld Games announced they will be publishing Total Recall: The Official Tabletop Game, based on the futuristic 1990 Studiocanal film where Rekall scientists promise Doug Quaid a “dream of a lifetime,” which for him, turns out to be a battle over Mars between the tyrannical Federal Colonies and a mutant Rebel uprising. In the tabletop game, you begin in a Rekall dream armed with a gun, where you are secretly on the Federal Colony or Rebel team. Your objective is to find and eliminate the opposing leader (Kuato or Cohaagen) and you’ll need the help of other players on your team to secure your victory. You can even exit the dream and become a Rekall scientist where you’ll manipulates the dream from the outside to take the win for yourself. The game uses the engine of the smash hit game, Good Cop Bad Cop®, but adds tons of changes to the mechanics and components to fit the Total Recall universe. “Fans of the movie will truly feel like they are in the middle of a Rekall dream,” says Overworld Games President Brian Henk. The game will launch on Kickstarter in August 2017 offering a fancy Deluxe version and a "Not Safe for Work pack" while the Standard version will be available in stores in 2018. More info is available on totalrecallgame.com. About Overworld Games® Overworld Games publishes light, strategy games full of social interaction that bring out emotion in players. They have successfully funded 8 games on Kickstarter, most recently Leaders of Euphoria: Choose a Better Oppressor™ and Barker’s Row™. Learn more about the company at overworldgames.com. About Creative Licensing Located in Los Angeles CA, Creative Licensing is a full service independent merchandise licensing agency that specializes in long-term brand development. Founded in 1982, Creative Licensing currently represents a large catalogue of classic films and properties. http://www.creativelicensingcorporation.com/ About Studiocanal Studiocanal is a subsidiary of the Canal+ Group. It is one of Europe's leading companies in the market for co-production, acquisition, distribution and sales of international feature films and TV series. Studiocanal is the only studio which operates simultaneously in three main European territories - France, the United Kingdom and Germany - as well as in Australia and New Zealand. Total Recall™ is a trademark of Studiocanal S.A.S © 2017 Studiocanal S.A.S All Rights Reserved. Overworld Games® and Good Cop Bad Cop® are registered trademarks of Overworld Games L.L.C.