Renegade To Reissue Planet Defenders For Wider Release

June 29, 2017 - 1:39am
Renegade Games has secured the rights to bring the 2016 Essen release Planet Defenders to a wider audience. Originally a release from EmperorS4 Games in Taiwan, Planet Defenders is an interesting twist on the euro mechanics of games such as Splendor and Century: Spice Road. 2-4 Players control the three Defender Robots on a 3x3 grid of planetary cards, using Battery Cubes to move the defenders according to three movement cards. When a defender is moved onto a planet, the planet gives an ability to convert batteries into larger, colored Energy Cubes, or to convert between Energy Cube types. Additionally, the goal of the game is to spend Energy Cubes to clean up derelict Robots in space, claiming these Robot cards for points. Players can also purchase Technology Cards, which give the player more conversion abilities between the cube types. When two of the four piles of derelict robot cards are depleted, the game ends, and highest score wins. In the new Renegade release, the Robot Defender standees will be replaced with high quality miniatures. Planet Defenders is due to be released in Fall 2017, and plays in 30-60 minutes. You can read Renegade Games' press release here.  

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