First Expansion For Deception: Murder In Hong Kong On KS

June 9, 2017 - 9:06am
Grey Fox Games has started a Kickstarter for the first expansion to their hit social deduction game from last year, Deception: Murder in Hong Kong. Deception: Undercover Allies adds 50 new Means Cards, 80 Clue Cards and 5 Scene Tiles, as expected, but also adds in new roles and the ability to play with more people, up to 14 in all. Additional North American, Western European and Southern European Theme Packs are available, allowing your friendly local Canadians access to the Zamboni, Hockey Stick and Curling Stone, as a small example. Multiple Add-On buys and stretch goals are available, as well as purchase of the original game. The Kickstarter for Deception: Undercover Allies continues through July 3, and is expected to deliver in December 2017.

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