Another landmark year for the UK Games Expo

June 9, 2017 - 9:01am
The UK Games Expo (UKGE) released it's attendance numbers for this year, and with a total of 16,383 attendees, they have increased their attendance from last year by around 30%.  This pushes the UKGE up on the list of gaming conventions to be the 3rd largest gaming convention in the world.  Another interesting number is that they showcased 320 different exhibitors, and the attendees attended an average of 2 days with entry numbers over the whole convention being 30,743.  Also announced were the winners of the UKGE Awards for 2017, and they are: Best Family Game – Sushi Go Party Best Children’s Game - Baobab Best Euro Game – SubTerra Best American Style Game – Dark Souls Best Strategic Game – The Colonists Best Card Game – Statecraft Best Abstract Game – Ominoes Best Miniatures – Dropfleet Commander Best Role-Playing Game – Adventures In Middle-Earth Player Guide Best Role-Playing – Syrinscape Best Party Game – Chameleon Best Expansion – Dropfleet Commander: Reconquest Phase Two Best Accessory – Dropfleet Commander Modular Spacestation Pack Best Miniatures Rules – Dropfleet Commander They have also stated that next year the UK Games Expo will be held on June 1st through the 3rd, you can read the full post for more information and to sign up for updates.